Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Strix

The Glorantha material for MRQ II did not include anything about the Red Moon, since they were all set on the Second Age, so I'm going to have to write my own Lunar lunacy.

by Rebecca Ryals Russel, borrowed from

The Strix is a uniquely Lunar type of were-creature or demon. Most of the time it is a human, but on nights of the full moon its monstrous true form emerges, a semi avian creature with a bird's legs and feet and feathers running along its arms and on its head, with a pinched beak-like face and huge owl-like eyes. They are believed by many to be were owls, but the true Strix is monster that lives on the Red Moon.

Str 3d6+6                   16-17

Con 3d6                     10-11

Siz 2d6+6                  13

Int 2d6+6                    13

Pow 3d6                    10-11

Dex 3d6+3                13-14

Cha 1d6                    2-3

CA 3, SR 14

Claws size S range S Dam 1d6 + 1d4

Armour 1 point

Skills: Persistence 30%, Resilience 30%, Evade 40%, Perception 30%, Stealth 75%, Spirit Attack 50%, Flying 50%, Seduction 30%, Transform 75% 

It is not a strong flyer, but where possible it will swoop and grab onto a target and pull them down, trying to keep them cowering and disoriented. It is not a strong flyer (roll against its flying skill to get airborne for any meaningful distance) but its squawking and flapping are confusing and can be hard to handle. It can also be stealthy, lurking in the lower branches of trees and swooping silently behind its prey ready to strike. As with any were-creature once slain its spirit will try and covertly possess a new host and gradually turn it into a new Strix. 

Strix can, allegedly, mate with humans in their beast form. They can spend 1 magic point to use their Seduction power, opposed by the target's Persistence. They are not very good at it though, and use every trick they can such as aphrodisiacs and very dim lighting to get their way. If they survive the night the target has a % age chance of themselves subsequently turning into a Strix.
Strix will be able to use any Common Magic they know as humans, and if they are members of of a Lunar cult they will be able to use Moon Spirits, Divine Magic or Sorcery as well.

Strix are bloodthirsty beasts and generally not tolerated even amongst the Lunars themselves, though some of the bloodier Lunar cults such as Yara Aranis will have a few flapping about as temple guards. Strix can be restored to human form by rituals known to a few Lunar cults such as Jakaleel, Deezola and Rufelza.

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