Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Proclamation


Let all bow their heads in sorrow and rend their tunics asunder, let all weep inconsolably and let their tears fall into the dust, for the exquisite Ishó hiVaisúra, much beloved1 Lady of the most noble clan of the Jade Diadem and most puissant and learned Durúnrakoi2 of the Temple of the Obsidian Princess of Lubricious Delights3 has passed beyond this plane and now sails a barque crewed by her fivefold souls among the paradisiacal Islands of Teretané4.

Alas no more shall she taste the wine of Arko’éla, smell the essences of Vioséna and hear the sweet hymns of Teshkána, and no more shall she perform the bejewelled dances and silken movements before the Jade and Obsidian Altars of Choyá5, oh weep, weep one and all!

It was the most beloved ones’ final wish that she be laid to rest in the sacred city of Ngála within nine days of the Enhancement of the Emerald Radiance6 and to this end her most loyal paisaidhbáikhoi7 Mriyán8 Ashúko hiEktlenle is organising a Grand Procession of Mourning and Celebration to leave the city on the morning after this date.

All those who wish to pay their respects are more than welcome to accompany this procession, an itinerary for which can be obtained from the Office of Protocols at the Temple of Dlamélish during the Ténmres of the Market and Joyous Sitting Together9.

There is in addition a requirement for men accomplished with spear and bow to ensure the safety of the procession to the sacred city. Those interested will be provided with the 1st form of Temple costume of the Green Lady10, suitable food, drink and other essential sustenance11 on the journey, the blessing of Mrikáya12 and a monetary consideration suitable to their skill and station. Those wishing to tender their services to our most beloved departed Lady should apply to Uténg hiSorúntle, Kási of the Dlamélish Temple Guards during the Ténmre of Labour13, 22-24 Fésru.

All Hail!

1 The actual word used here is dhupangétl’teténikh, a nearly untranslatable Tsolyáni compound meaning, literally, ‘gracefully fucked on many occasions’. ‘Much beloved’ will do, but those aware of the nature of the worship of Dlamélish will spot the nuances.
2 Enchantress – at least a level 5 Sorcerer professionally, 9th-10th Circle in priestly rankings.
3 Dlamélish in one her more conventional and less frankly expressed epithets.
4 i.e. she’s snuffed it.
5 All aspects of Dlamélish controlling various pleasurable experiences.
6 9th of Drénggar; a day of feasting and orgies especially exuberantly celebrated in Jakálla.
7 Literally ‘spender of sexual leisure time’; read into this what you will, but ‘toyboy’ would not be an inappropriate translation to modern idiom.
8 ‘Bishop’ – 15th Circle in the Priestly hierarchy, usually Level 7+.
9 Afternoon and early evening. A Tenmre is a period of 3 hours.
10 There are numerous forms of formal dress for various occasions and events. This is the minimum requirement for attendance as part of a Dlamélish ritual as opposed to a mere onlooker, but probably worth 10 káitars in itself.
11 Things Dlamélish followers regard as essential to life will  include booze, music, and quite probably sex and drugs as well. PCs will find few former employees of the Temple complaining about the perks, even if the pay can be a bit sparse at times.
12 She who takes Pleasure in Violence, the most martial of Dlamélish’s aspects, sometimes invoked by those keen on sado-masochistic sex.
13 Some time in the morning.

The above is an introduction to the adventure this Friday, dice up yer PCs if you haven't already  done so and join the funeral cortege.

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  1. Just received sad news. Professor Barker has died. the best way of remembering him, IMO, is to keep playing Tekumel games, so we shall.