Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tekumel Pre Gens

I now have four hapless PCs for this game, a priest of Thumis, a Ksarulite Sorcerer, an ex-legionary and an N'luss barbarian.

All have hidden agendas of course - this is Tekumel after all - so if you want to play in this game, let me know which Pc you have settled on and I'll let you know the full story.


  1. Achan the ex-legionary looks good for me, if still unclaimed.

  2. I would like to try Akhu, the Ksarulite Sorcerer, as I'd like to try out how magic works in Tekumel :)

  3. this looks really great, Barry!
    I hope I get to play this with you :)

    1. I have a G+ game planned for 16th March. Get in touch at or look out for relevant posts on Google+