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A Page of Many Things


The Inner Sphere
My old website. Stuff from there will eventually make it over to here.

Tekumel Foundation
Charity looking after Prof Barker's intellectual properties.

Tita's House of Games
Buy your Tekumel stuff here.


Traveller Wiki
Unsurprisingly its got lots of useful Traveller stuff.

Daryen's Page
Misc useful Classic Traveller stuff.

Traveller Map
The Classic Traveller Universe in its entirety.

Message Boards

UK Roleplayers
Occasionally post here, but it's all a bit too cliquey really.

Basic Roleplaying Central
Good for Runequest

Programs, Widgets and the like

Team whiteboard that is bloody useful when playing over G+.

Don't click here, you will lose hours to this damn thing.

Celestia Motherlode
Celestia is the universe folded up and stuck in your computer, another program you will spend hours messing about with.

Comics and Other Entertainment

The Unspeakable Vault of Doom
Cthulhu Ftaghn!

Watched this when I was a kid. It is still amazing.

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