Monday 25 July 2016

Bundle of Lamentations

A Bundle of Lamentations is the latest Bundle of Holding offering, and my own 'England Upturn'd' is in it. And being LotFP it isn't so much a bundle, more a cacophony of anguished wails as each and every product is guaranteed to freak your players out.

For a paltry $12.95 (that's £9.86 at current exchange rates, so UK residents buy now as the pound is sinking), you can get PDFs of the LotFP rules and five scenario books, including the great Vornheim city kit. Pay $23.62 (or £17.99) and you get eight more, including the rather jolly 'Forgive Us', 'The Magnificent Joop Van Ooms' and 'England Upturn'd'.

Now $100+ worth of horrible gruesome ways to bend your players heads for less than a quarter of the retail price isn't to be sniffed at and 10% of the proceeds go to the Myositis Association.

Buy it now.

Bundle of Lamentations

Friday 8 July 2016

God Plays Dice

Over on G+ Nick M asked if someone could come up with a random table of variant Christian beliefs for the random creation of sects and orders. Here is my attempt. I was supposed to keep it within one blog post, but there have been a hell of a lot of sects with a lot of sometimes quite odd beliefs over the last couple of millennia and it turned out pretty big.

It brings in material from the very foundation of Christianity in the early years AD by way of the diversification of Protestant sects in the 17th century and into the 21st. It is by no means exhaustive and does drag in material from sects that are only vaguely Christian to modern eyes, and the odd Islamic one that a Christian church could get behind. I am not sure I understand all these variants myself not being a theologian, but I think I convey the gist. And do feel free to chuck out any that do not match the 'feel' of your campaign.

I have tried to word it so as to make it more general than just Christianity, for those not using 'real world' historical settings. Just bung the historical references back in if you are, it's pretty obvious what I am talking about. This table may also be of use in the Glorantha setting for random cults of the Invisible God. I have also included a few ‘fantasy’ elements.

The beliefs are grouped into sub tables. You can roll once on each sub table for each sect OR roll three times to get a selection of stand out beliefs that the sect think are most important and stick the rest in if they become relevant. These may be contradictory, but so what? A bit of mystery always helps.

This material owes an obvious debt to the old Chaosium card/board game Credo, and hats off to them for being eccentric enough to publish it.

Link here to a Google Doc.

This ought to be editable (let me know if it isn't) as I ran out of steam at Article 81 and it would be nice to get it up to 100 for neatness sake. Feel free to add to it.

EDIT: Added some more options. Only nine to go to reach 100.