Monday, 25 July 2016

Bundle of Lamentations

A Bundle of Lamentations is the latest Bundle of Holding offering, and my own 'England Upturn'd' is in it. And being LotFP it isn't so much a bundle, more a cacophony of anguished wails as each and every product is guaranteed to freak your players out.

For a paltry $12.95 (that's £9.86 at current exchange rates, so UK residents buy now as the pound is sinking), you can get PDFs of the LotFP rules and five scenario books, including the great Vornheim city kit. Pay $23.62 (or £17.99) and you get eight more, including the rather jolly 'Forgive Us', 'The Magnificent Joop Van Ooms' and 'England Upturn'd'.

Now $100+ worth of horrible gruesome ways to bend your players heads for less than a quarter of the retail price isn't to be sniffed at and 10% of the proceeds go to the Myositis Association.

Buy it now.

Bundle of Lamentations

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