Sunday 6 May 2012

The Tribes and Clans of Balzar

Who's who in Balazar

Following the Moon Design version of Griffin Mountain, below is the common knowledge about the tribes and clans of Balazar 

Elkoi Tribe

Black Dog Clan
The Citadel clan (ie they live in the citadel itself). Ancient clan that took in many Jajalorings from the nearby Dog Plains in Holay, breed excellent black hunting dogs. Firmly allied with the Lunars and include many Seven Mothers and Jakaleel worshippers. Some even live in farming villages.

Great Sable
Allies of Elkoi who have a lot of Redwyrm followers. Long standing feud with Crocodiles and Crow Warriors. 

Territory is being absorbed by farms, some have even taken up farming themselves. Have many Seven mothers followers.

Grey Wolf
Internal feud over tribal cheiftainship. Rumoured to have many were-wolves despite ancient ban.

Blue Bear
Shunned by all other clans as they kill Eubucks, the sacred animal of Foundchild. No actual animal called the Blue Bear exists.

Cave Bear
Live in the harsh lands of the Dog Hills. Use massive spears to hunt the huge cave bears.

River Snake
Live along the Morande River and have some success dealing with the Water Wyrms. Say that one day one of their shamen will lift the curse that makes the rivers and Elf Sea impassable. 

Trilus Tribe

Citadel clan. Ordinary hunting clan until about eleven years ago when Yalaring took over the city of Trilus. Still finding their feet with this 'civilisation' business.

Live in the South Woods and currently fighting a long running feud with the Great Bisons. Their current residence is the result of a tactical retreat, NOT a defeat, and don't you forget it.

Red Sable
Possibly being turned by the Elkoi and becoming moon worshippers, or by the Dykeneans. Much dissent anyway. Foes of the Black Lions.

Barking Deer
Well connected and outgoing clan, chiefs have married their sons and daughters into many other clans. King Yalaring's wife Vania is a Barking Deer.

Thunder Lizard
Live in the far off Dangerground hunting dinosaurs. Some western tribes don't believe they really exist, even though the current Master Hunter, Ogolorph Windshaper, is one of them.

Silver Hawk
Perennially troublesome clan many of whom are devoted to Balazar. Suspected of being deeply implicated in the Spiral Tribe rebellion.

Stalwart warriors who admire the bloody nature of the Crow Stone. Prefer to trap their crocs rather than hunt them though, not safe to linger too long by the Dwerrow River.

Brown Boar
Very into the Pure Hearth spirit and distrusting of all the Citadels and of worshippers of Tharkantus and Balazar. Civilisation never did anyone any good they say, but pay occasional tribute to Yalaring as being the least worst of the Citadel Kings and because they might need his protection someday. 

Dykene Tribe

Tree Ghost Clan 
A clan formed only recently by King Skilfil's Great Uncle Hafranil to rule Dykene after its reconstruction by the Dwarves. No one knows what the Tree Ghost is.

Very dedicated to Balazar and Tharkantus and in awe of their totem spirit rather than hunting them. Will keep horses to sacrifice to the Griffins. The hero Hafranil was a Griffin before he founded the Tree Ghost clan.

Great Bison
Numerous clan dominating the open spaces of the East Plain. Noted fighters of Broo.

Black Lion
Former overlords of Trilus, now a fugitive clan in the Dangerground. Have a history of dealings with trolls, which does not make them popular with the more devout Tharkanti. Allegedly actively plotting Yalaring's overthrow and also implicated in the Spiral Tribe rebellion.

White Goat
Unusually for a non-citadel clan they keep livestock, hardy goats that can survive on the tough grass and windswept tops of the Bear and Brother's Hills.

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