Friday 30 November 2012

Known Space Wiki

At long last despite work hassles and general purpose aggravation, I have the Known Space Wiki in a vaguely useable form.

First session will be on G+ Hangouts on Friday 14th December (look out for the event announcement thingy), anyone else wanting to jump in with a game set in this gameworld feel free to jump in.

Your Character, Your World

Now hopefully most people will be computer literate enough to just bung things on the wiki directly, but if you are not mail me the bumph at with 'Known Space' in the subject line and I'll wodge it up.

Can't find any sensible way of allowing anyone to update the map without a lot of faffing about so if you do concoct a new planet (or bit of a planet), let me know you have done it and I'll update the master copy accordingly.

Getting Started

Do a PC using any Traveller system you like (and I'm open to non-Trav sci-fi PCs if you can give me conversion notes to make them run with 2d6 skill rolls) and make up a planet for them to be from, or have them come from someplace on Earth.

Use High Guard and Mercenary if you wish, but I'll be using the following house rule to prevent skills bloat - max two skills per term plus 1d6.

Each nation on a planet will have some skills that natives get at level 0 just for being from there, and maybe a bit of cheap equipment or two (see the Epsilon write up on the wiki), plus some general purpose things that you might pick up before the age of 18 (Drive 0, Art 0, Science 0, Language 0 etc.) and maybe a stat mod.

The number of Level 0 skills depends on initial Education score - 0 = 0, 1-2 =1, 3-5 = 2, 6-8 = 3, 9-11 = 4, 12-14 = 5, 15 = 6.

When we have some idea of how many PCs of what sort will be involved we'll decide what kind of starship you have available, if one is available at all.

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