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Sir Kenelm Digby

Sir Kenelm Digby was the real life analogue of a D&D character. A diplomat, natural philosopher and intellectual, he also managed to be a soldier, duellist and of course, was an egotistical braggart and bighead with it. 

As of 1642 he is in England after a sojourn in France to help King Charles put down those argumentative Parliamentary rebels (and get away from the relatives of the French aristocrat Mont Le Ros, who he killed in a duel). The King has sent him to investigate alarming reports of an outbreak of witchcraft and demons in the eastern counties of the country, rife with rebellion, the Ague and Puritanism, Quite possibly someone at court wants rid of the argumentative little twit, but he has thrown himself into the task with his customary brio, trusting that his natural panache and verve will see him win yet more plaudits and material for another book.

This character was created using Marc Gacy's classess LotFP system from Undercroft #4, available from Daniel Sell at

Sir Kenelm Digby 

Age 39
Alignment: Royalist Cavalier 
Religion: Catholic
Level 9

Cha 16 (+2) Con 11 Dex 9 Int 16 (+2) Wis 7 (-1) Str 12
Att + 4 Can use Defend and Press
Can cast magic user spells while heavily encumbered
Magic User spell-casting at level 3 (2x 1st level, 1 x 2nd)
Languages: English, Latin, French, Italian

AC 15
HP 34

Pikeman's breastplate
Buff Coat
Cavalier hat
Sword with basket hilt
Flintlock pisttol
Powder horn
Pouch of 20 balls
Locket with miniature of a lady (worth £5 (gp))
Wedding ring
Signet ring
Safe investments worth £1000 (gp)
20 doses of his patent 'Weapon Salve'
10 copies of his pamphlet on Weapon Salve
A copy of 'Conference with a Lady about Choice of a Religion'
A commonplace book, mainly full of recipes for fancy meads
Letters from Thomas Hobbes on his evolving political theory of The Leviathan
Fine cavalry horse
Saddle and saddlebags

Phillippe Fabrice, Servant

Level 1: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Unseen Servant, Magic Missile, Light, Charm Person, Magic Aura
Level 2: ESP, Forget, Detect Invisible 

Sir Kenelm's father, Everard, was part of the Gunpowder plot of 1606 and was hung, drawn and quartered. Sir Kenelm loudly proclaims his loyalty to the Crown and decries his father's foolishness in being led astray by Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes and those other wretches. He is a Catholic, but outside the reasonably Catholic friendly court (and especially in the lands of the Eastern Association) he will keep it very quiet; he is an argumentative type though, so he might be goaded into defending his faith, quoting his own work of Catholic apologetics Conference with a Lady about Choice of a Religion.

The locket has a miniature of his late wife Venetia, if he is playing for sympathy and acting the respectable gent, otherwise it is Marie de Medici, Princess of Florence and also Queen of France at the time he knew her, if he is playing the man's man and cavalier. She, he claims, pursued him, but generally he only spreads this about when in England of the Netherlands;  in France it recently got him into a duel which he only won by Magic Missiling his opponent, a terrible breach of etiquette.

He is wealthy and still owns lands in Buckinghamshire and owns glass factories in Staffordshire and in Picardy in France where bottles of his own patent design of wine bottle are made, which provide a good income. He was also granted the monopoly of selling sealing wax in Wales and on the Welsh borders which was pretty lucrative and still theoretically holds the monopoly on all trade with the coast of Guinea, not that he can enforce it. If any PCs have access to a ship and fancy a bit of privateering in African waters, he'll be more than happy to get King Charles to issue them a Letter of Marque in return for a cut of 'his' lost customs dues.

The Weapon Salve will heal 1d4 hp of damage if applied to the weapon that caused the extant wound, but at the cost of reducing that weapon to corroded rust. Very useful when treating musket shots. 

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