Saturday 17 September 2016

Yet another friggin' set of Sorcery rules!

In the RQ2 game I am currently running a PC wants to have a play with sorcery, and I want a classic mad genius sorcerer NPC to cause some villainy here and there.

But how to do sorcery in RQ2? Transplanting rules from later editions seems like an obvious choice, but the 3rd ed rules were overly complicated and while the RQ6 rules worked fine in the context of their rules for folk magic and theistic magic, they are a poorer fit with RQ2's take on battle magic and rune magic. They give too much bang for your magic point bucks and are too unreliable while battle magic and rune spells almost always work all the time. 

Just turning sorcery into another set of runespells was a simple option, but a boring one. Trying to transplant DCC's wonderfully bonkers magic system was another option, but the randomness of the outcome doesn't really fit what Gloranthan sorcery is supposed to be about.

So I started noodling with a kind of souped up battle-magic, and grabbing ideas from here and there and (as usual for me) it all got a bit long winded and probably more complicated than it needs to be...

I have no idea if any of the stuff in this document HERE is going to work in play, but we're set to give it a go next play session.

Sorcerers have pretty cool hats
(by David Michael Wright)

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