Thursday 30 May 2013

The Northrop Midget

A free trader from Known Space, with deck plans and everything, the Northrop Midget.

See PDF for full details.

Adventure Ideas

  • A Midget crew turn up at a destination and find to their horror that the box they were sure had 40 deep frozen low passengers has got a consignment of aluminium kitchenware in it instead. Now there was another Midget being loaded back at Zephyr starport at the same time, where was it they were heading?
  • There's a new kind of module out, comes with a re-entry shield so you can dump it in the ocean of the delivery destination and let the customer sort it out. The Free Akraton Front, the cheapest band of terrorists going, want you to get some and help them drop sharks off the New Athens tourist beaches.
  • You got one of the AP324 model Midgets? Bad news mate, there's a design flaw in the shielding on the girder, factory should have recalled them, but well, space is big... Nothing too serious as long as you don't spend too long in warp space, but you might find eleven hatches along it instead of ten, a new cargo module kind of crops up from an alternative universe. Whatever you do DON'T LOOK IN IT!
  • Always, always check your cargo boxes, whatever the customer says about needing it sent security sealed. Some bunch of toerags hid a hijack crew in a box, crew never knew until they'd warped.
  • Seen Engineer McCluskey recently? Took a hammock, a big box of spam and a jug of 'whiskey' down to the drive room two years ago, always intercoms bridge to volunteer for orbit duty (damn handy really), but not actually seen a living soul in all that time. What is he doing in there? Why does he keep flushing radio beacons into space out of the engineers head? What the hell did he want with all those plastic cockroaches he had us pick up on New Taiwan?


  1. I really like the color/adventure hooks. Short, sweet, interesting.

  2. Ooops, decimal point misplaced - Total Cost: 71.68125 MCr