Saturday 1 June 2013

Starco Walkabout

I'm getting the hang of doing (simple) starship plans on my graphics software now, so I went and did another one, the Pacific Starco Walkabout.

More details on the PDF

Adventure ideas

  • Captain Jericho was a careful old cove, had his Walkabout done up with all the security and safety features he could think of - including 'Drop Bears', robot gun drones disguised as koalas that leap out of ceiling hatches. The silly old sod died while sightseeing on Kanaloa, fell down a volcano, and without his iris print to deactivate the security his crew are going to have a fun time trying to get back on board.
  • The Walkabout is a tough starship. Do you reckon the one that had a nasty G-drive implosion while diving for fuel in the local gas giant last year might still be intact? With its cargo of gold bars and all?
  • On their way out of the system the PCs spy a sail... yup a sail, a solar sail tugging the shattered remnants of a Walkabout, covered in comet rime. Where has it come from? Looks like it has been in space a long time, but then the design has been around almost since the invention of warp drive two centuries ago.
  • The engineer of the Ulruru died in particularly nasty way, plasma breach while he was in the drive crawlway. On a lesser ship this would have been it for the whole vessel, but with new starboard drives and hammering a few dents out the Uluru is back in space. Except that the usually ultra-reliable Walkabout just doesn't fail like that, and it seems that now other ship systems are mysteriously going on the blink...

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