Wednesday 12 June 2013

People of Known Space

A couple of guys who you might meet mooching round the Aquila Sector. I do like the events system in Mongoose Traveller character generation, certainly helps prompt the imagination.

Melchior Tzant

Homeworld: Epsilon/Neuland
Age 46

Str             3   -1
Dex           7     0
End           3     -1
Int              A    +1
Edu           6     0
SS            6      0

Terms 2 Rank 0
Events: 1 Attacked by rival Belters, manage to avoid injury
           2 Severely injured – vacc suit blow out, suffered brain damage, lost 5 Dex, debt to hospital of 12 500Cr to get fixed.
Benefit: Contact - Knows a guy who drinks in Clive's Bar

Merchant/Free Trader
Terms 1 Rank 0
Events: 3 Bad deals force bankruptcy
Benefit: Ship Share - Managed to squirrel away a bit of stock under a false name

Terms 1 Rank 1
Events: 4 Forcibly drafted after some 'misunderstandings' on Aquila.
Benefit: Weapon: Got a Snub Revolver

Terms 3 Rank 1 Able Spacehand
Events: 5 Join a gambling circle on board ship. Lost a benefit roll.
6 Diplomatic Mission, got to wait on table. Gain Steward 1
7 Chance to abuse position for profit, gain one benefit roll. Got dishonourably discharged.
Benefit: 22 000 Cr and two ship shares.

Computer 0
Carousing 0
Art (Writer) 0
Pilot (Small Craft) 0
Zero G 0
Gun Combat (Zero G) 0
Deception 0
Streetwise 1
Astrogation 1
Vacc Suit 1
Pilot (Spacecraft) 1
Melee (Unarmed) 1
Gunner (Turrets) 1
Gambling 1
Steward 1
Mechanic 2

Languages: Neulander 5, English 3, French 3, Farsi 1

Three shares in the Bloody Poppet, 9500 Cr, Snub Revolver with ID lock, wristputer (Computer/1), dog eared copy of the poems of Arthur Rimbaud, silver hip flask of something very alcoholic, knuckleduster, leather jacket that makes him look like James Dean' s grandad, extremely rank Merovin Navy Vacc Suit and Body Pressure Sleeve

Life story:
In his youth he worked as a belt miner in the notoriously rough system of Clive's Bar (or Harrison Drift as it was then), got into a few fights with rival belter crews. He ended up getting a blown vacc suit on EVA, and suffered brain damage from sucking vacuum too long. Got a job on a Free Trader, but the firm went bust, but left him 'looking after' a share in a ship as his boss dispersed what assets he could before the receiver got his claws on the accounts. Hit the bars on various worlds for few years after failing to get a job back home on Epsilon, got into a few fights, ended up in Merovin on Aquila facing either a jail term for various crimes or joining the Navy. Did twelve years, regretted not taking the jail term, and reached the dizzy heights of Able Spacehand in the Merovin Navy. Got some cash and came into two more shares in a free trader in return for selling Merovinese Naval supplies on the black market. Currently supercargo and odd job man on the Bloody Poppet.

Suffers mood swings and says he has mild Tourette's syndrome, knows many traditional bawdy songs in French and punk rock ditties in Neulander Baltic slang, has a taste for ultra-cheap French Navy-grade plonk, Neuland schnapps and a 'digestif' of Latvian origin called 'Black Balzam' which makes Jaegermeister look like Lucozade. Thinks he can play a mean hand of Texas Hold 'Em. He is pretty good with a spanner when you can tear him away from dictating his Bukowski-like memoirs into his wristputer in a drunken polyglot slur. When really sozzled he will weep about the gorgeous Persian lass he knew in the Eagle Caliphate, whose father tried to shoot him, and whose mother actually hit (fortunately only with buckshot, but it was in his bottle-clutching hand).

Goofy 'Eddie' McKinley

Homeworld: Kanaloa/Disneyland
Age 32

Str      8    +0
Dex    7    +0
End    7    +0
Int       5     -1
Edu    9    +1
SS     A    +1

Terms 2 Rank 2 Clerk
Events: 1 His command of the sub-sub-department of merchandising in charge of Mickey Mouse Ear production is wise and just. Gain one enemy, a sacked employee who ran off to Free Kanaloa to become a Kahuna so he could curse him in the name of the Loa.
2 Tried to oust the Minister of Finance for Easter (Bunny) Island and nearly got buried under a concrete Moai shaped like Goofy's head for his troubles. Gained Deception 1, Streetwise 1 and gained a contact in the upper Disneyland management, but forced to leave his position with the company.
Benefits: one ship share, 60 000Cr

Terms 2 Rank 1
Events: 3 Gain Social Science (Anthropology) 1 from dealing and trading with the neo- Polynesian tribes and other oddbods of Kanaloa
4 Disneyland trade restrictions forced Eddie out of business and to relocate to another world
Benefits: +1 Int, 40 000 Cr, Free Trader

Carouse 0
Flyer (Grav) 0
Athletics (Endurance) 0
Comms 0
Diplomat 0
Investigate 0
Advocate 1
Persuade 1
Broker 1
Deception 1
Streetwise 1
Social Science (Anthropology) 1
Admin 2

Languages: English 5, Italian 1, Chinese 1, Hawaiian 2

100, 000 credits, 6 shares in the Bloody Poppet, surfboard, Light Autopistol, Hawaiian print 'Protec' shirt

Life story:
Born into one of the founding families of the Disney corporation colony on Kanaloa, Goofy McKinley pretty much walked into a job in the lower echelons of the company/government and did well for himself. He did make a bit of nause-up of a boardroom takeover of one of the other business units though, and Finance Director Minnie Huntley had to be seriously persuaded that if the fact she'd buried her business rivals alive under fake south seas idols got out it would probably put the tourists off. Still, Goofy had to clear his desk and become a mere subcontractor to a footling franchise of the mighty corporation that he was born into.

Goofy began buying and selling 'ethnic' knick knacks from Free Kanaloa to offworld merchants; carved coconuts, canoe paddles, shrunken heads, that kind of thing, and changed his name to Eddie when he realised the name 'Goofy' didn't have quite the same social cachet and respectability in the ears of off-worlders. Finally Disneyland authorities realised the Free Kanaloans were becoming a real threat to profits and closed down Eddie's Tiki-bar supplies company. He has bought into one of the firms that he used to trade quasi-Polynesian tat with and now owns six shares in the Bloody Poppet, and is looking for a world he can set up an office base and cargo brokerage on.

He is an irrepressibly cheerful, squat, suntanned goitre of a man permanently clad in the traditional Kanaloan Hawaiian shirt (though the sandals, Bermuda shorts and Mickey Mouse ears are proving a bit impractical as he mooches round a cold and wet galaxy looking for a good rental deal on a 500sq foot serviced office space). He still thinks of grass skirts and leis as formal wear though, which can cause misunderstandings. He does love his corporate catchphrases, and what with the 'inspirational' quotes from Walt Disney, Sun Tsu, Mussolini and Scrooge McDuck (all done 'in voice'), he can be utterly incomprehensible at times. Still, you don't get an Employee of the Week award from DisneyCorp for nothing, the guy obviously knows his way round a spreadsheet and a tax return and is probably too dumb to be too dishonest.

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